Until further notice, I will be taking every second week off. Please get your order in before the evening of Friday Feburary 17th. I'll be back on Saturday February 25th. Thanks!

Welcome to my store!

I am the vendor Northwest Nuggets from Silk Road and BMR and Northwest_Nuggets from Agora. I currently vend on Alphabay, Dream, Hansa, and Valhalla markets. I sell high quality indoor cannabis products. Anything less than top quality will be noted in the listing. You can check my feedback at Grams! If you have any questions or problems using the site, contact me at nwnuggets@sigaint.org. I also have threads at Panacea Flower Sanctuary and The Majestic Garden forums, both of which allow direct deals.

You will need a PGP key to use this hidden service. If you don't have one, try this free PGP software. For security, all communications on this hidden service must be PGP encrypted or it won't work. You will not have an account here to view your orders. When you place an order, you will get an order URL with a bitcoin address. You will have 45 minutes to send the bitcoin before the order expires. After sending the bitcoin, refresh your order URL and it should say PAID but don't worry if it says EXPIRED. I will get any bitcoin you send to that address either way. Your order URL is your way of messaging me and getting status updates for your order so make sure to copy the order link or bookmark it. If you lose it, email me with your order details and I will try to find your order. Your order URL will stop working at some point in time after the order is completed and will not remain in the database permanently.


10 Regular Seeds - Northern Gold
7g Pineapple Chunk
14g Pineapple Chunk
1oz Pineapple Chunk